Sea Fisheries

Fishermen in conversationScotland is among the largest sea fishing nations in Europe, with Scottish fishing vessels landing around two-thirds of the total fish caught in the United Kingdom.

Marine Scotland manages quota for fish stocks and all inshore fisheries within the 12 nautical mile territorial water limit. It is also responsible for controlling the activities of fishing vessels and fishing effort (days spent at sea) in the North Sea, west of Scotland and Faroese waters.

To do this, Marine Scotland works with the UK Government in negotiating fishing opportunities through the European Union and in other international negotiations.

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Managing Fish Stocks


Information about managing Scotland's fish stocks

Quotas & Days at Sea


Information about fish quotas and days at sea, including closures

Regulation & Licensing

Regulation & Licensing

Information about licensing, legislation, logbooks and penalties


Science & Research


Read about the role of science and research in sustainable fisheries

Buyers & Sellers

Registration of Buyers

Information about registered buyers, sellers and auction houses

Inshore Fisheries

Inshore Fisheries

Information about inshore fisheries groups, communities and activities